Monday, October 15, 2012


Hi Everyone! This is Holly with a card using a very easy technique. I made the card front full-size, did the technique, then attached it to the card base. Distress inks can bleed through to the back of the card stock, so I added a card front to keep the card interior clean. Here's what I did.
Using all the blue distress inks I used the texture tape technique which means taking a length of masking tape (about 6") and pressing the middle section onto the ink pad, then pressing the inked area to the cardstock. Lift and repeat, applying the ink in a random fashion, starting with the lighter colour and working to the darkest colour. I used new pieces of tape for colour changes and because it gets soggy. The inks blend nicely and you get a nice mottled night sky look.
I spritzed the inked piece with my sparkle spritz made by mixing water and super sparkle Lumiere paint in a mini mister and shaking it up. I set this aside to dry while I stamped up the focal piece.
I stamped the sentiment onto white card stock using jet black archival ink then cut out the circle using a standard circle die. I embossed the smallest star die beside the sentiment, then painted it in using the Lumiere super sparkle acrylic paint. The sentiment circle piece got a spritz of sparkle too.
Once dry, the card front and sentiment circle were sponged around the edges, then I attached the card front to the card base, then the sentiment circle to the card front using foam tape. Two corners got rounded off and re-sponged.
With a stylus, I added a dot of sparkle paint to the centers of the spritzed dots- lots of them. The ones that don't have a dot of paint added look farther away.
I added some paint  dots to the sentment circle too, then added bling to the star and two corners.
This was a totally addicting technique for me. I want to try other colours as well- I think it'd make beautiful accent pieces too.
Thank you for looking today and be sure to join the Christmas Blog Hop starting today withYogi! 


  1. Love this card. Hmmm Lumiere sparkle paint, must get some.

  2. fabulous results. Never tried the inking tape technique... Something to try in the next couple days... Have a great one.

  3. Beautiful. Love the night sky look and excited to try this tape technique. It's new to me too.
    thanks Holly!

  4. Absolutely love this card. And thanks for the information about using the tape to add color--I have never heard doing that before. Gotta try it.

  5. Where can I get the "if I had a star" stamp? I tried clicking the "shop online" button but nothing happened.

  6. dragonswing- here is a direct link-
    I alos sent you an eamil.
    thanks for asking

  7. Oh, I really LOVE this card! Thanks for sharing the technique, I'll be trying this for sure!

    Mickey Drake

  8. I love this card and the technique you have used...I always have liked stars and the verses that go with them...I have some cute ideas that I would use with these stamps..."If I had a star" stamp would be something I would be very interested in :)
    Norma Nelson :)

  9. I love the card and I love the techniques...I am very interested in the verse and things you can do with it :)
    Norma Nelson


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