Monday, May 6, 2013

The Perfect Pair of Shoes - Jolis DeAngelis, May Guest Designer

We'd like to welcome Jolis DeAngelis to Quietfire Creations as our guest designer this month!

Jolis has been a guest designer with us before - you may remember the wonderful video she made to accompany her equally wonderful teabag folding project.  You may see that here.

This time, Jolis has a stitching project to share with us.

See thumbnail links at bottom of page and:
Embossing Powder, Thread, Needle, Bone Folder, Decorative punch, Ribbon


1. Tape stitching pattern to the front of your cardstock with removable tape and prick holes as indicated.  If you do not have a pricking tool, you can use your needle or make a tool with a cork and stick needle head into cork, so you can prick with the point, or you can remove the thread from a mechanical pencil and replace it with a needle, as shown in photo 2

Click here to get the pattern!

2. Making your own pricking tool from a mechanical pencil:

3. It is helpful to hold up your pricking to the light, so you can see what has been pricked and what hasn't.  In this photo, the back shoe and outline of front shoe are done, and you can see the light shining through clearly.  Just the inner holes on the front shoe need to be pricked.  It's a great way to see if you've missed any of the pricking holes!

4. With the stitching Pattern, cut out the shape of the shoes from Eclipse tape {Ed. note.  Eclipse tape is a masking tape. As an alternative, simply cut out the shape and use removable tape to hold it in place} Carefully place over your pricked out holes.  Then, randomly stamp the big Flourish stamp on your cardstock to get a lovely overall pattern.  When you are satisfied with the background, remove the tape and begin stitching your shoes, carefully following the pattern.  (Hint:  It is easier to stitch if you lightly trace the stitching guide in pencil on the back of your cardstock.)

(If you've never stitched on cards before, you might want to check out the tutorial at: Form-A-Lines. They also have a simpler shoe pattern here.)


5. Carefully rub the back of a spoon or your bone folder or like tool over the back of your stitching when complete to close the holes as much as you can.  Although this step is optional, it does give an added touch of "finish" to the final product.

6. Stamp "The Perfect Pair of Shoes" with clear embossing fluid, cover with embossing powder in a coordinating color, heat set and layer on cut tags.  I also rounded all the corners on my tags and card, although this is optional.  Also, I "aged" each layer with a finger sponge and ink.  Also, you can triple punch your decorative punch or scissors from each cardstock color and layer accordingly, finishing with a lovely ribbon.  And here it is, the completed card:

Here are some alternative creative ideas! Click on each one to see it larger.


Thanks for dropping in and having a look!

You can find Jolis online at CraftsUPrint and on YouTube.


Yogi said...

pretty. a labour of love... Have a great day

Robyn said...

Looks like fun for when I am in a stitching mood.
Love your colors.
thanks for joining us Jolis!

Shirley said...

I love them!

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