Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi Everyone! This is Holly with a very sparkly project for you today. You are probably familiar with the Burnished Velvet technique, very popular a few years ago, but it never gets old. I'm sharing a very basic design, to mimic candy cane stripes.
This DECK THE HALLS stamp set worked perfectly for me.
The technique uses masking to keep colours separate, and usually I use the release paper that comes off my double-sided adhesive. For the photos, I'm using strips cut from a plastic page divider-red.
Begin by adhering the tape to your white cardstock scrap and removing the release paper. Lay the various sized strip across the exposed tape, on an angle. Mix up the sizes and leave skinny spaces between for the green glitter.

Push the glitter into the adhesive with your fingers, then follow up by using the back of a spoon. Rub it in well- burnishing. Shake, then brush off the excess glitter and clean any glitter mess before moving onto the red glitter.
Peel back more strips to expose the tape, and do the same with the red glitter as you just did with the green.
Lastly, peel the remaining strips and apply the white or clear glitter to the tape. Once this is done, and cleaned up, I flip it over and burnish the whole piece from the back as well.
To add glitter to the foliage and word tag, I ran a glue pen where I wanted the glitter to be, then just pushed the piece into the glitter pile. The red and two green strips in the center and on the edges of the card, were made by applying narrow double-sided tape to those areas, removing the release paper, then applying the glitter.

These samples show more ways to cut, punch and die cut the release paper before using it to mask the exposed tape.
The purple piece is using lace for the mask and has gold glitter applied. Once the lace was removed, purple glitter was added. The photo doesn't show the lace as well as if I'd chosen better contrasting colours. It shows better in real life.
Quietfire Design has a fabulous selection of GLITTER RITZ for year round glitter projects.
If you haven't tried this, I encourage you to. It's very satisfying to 'colour' with glitter.
Thanks for looking today!


Joni said...

Very pretty glittering! I forget about using this technique, thanks for the reminder! Love the way you did the sentiment/tag, too! Thanks, Holly!

Froggietalks said...

Lovely glittering Holly. A stunning card :)

Charmaine Stack said...

Great job on my favourite technique. I love the combo of the modern candy cane stripes with the old fashioned calligraphy!

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