Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Weekly Cut- Fairies- Leaping Fairy- Garden Fairy Tag

Hi Y'all! Robyn here with
Suzannes newest files that had me clapping my hands!
I believe!
Oh yes, I made both these tags in 15 minutes!
You can too-clapping optional!
I had so much fun cutting and pasting, I forgot I wanted to put a stamp on it!

On the Mat

No shrinking violet, this fairy has attitude  and altitude!
Files can be sketched as well as cut.
For comparison, the sketched word was minimized to fit on the tag.
Note the cut word is not perfect.
Time for a new blade.

On the mat

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1 comment:

TracyM #6773 said...

Lovely tags Robyn!!!
The fairies are DELIGHTFUL!!!

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