Monday, May 26, 2014

Diamond Square Card - Thanks Fill 'er Up T

Yogi here today with a card structure I resurrected from several years back... I was rummaging in my Birthday card box for a card for a friend and came across a card with this structure. Since I was giving it away, I figured I'd better make another one to remember how to do it. BIG GRIN.

I cut a piece of green cardstock 5" x 12", scored it (See diagram below), placed a pencil mark at the 6" point, then creased the folds. Pinch the mountain (M) folds on the left side of card while pushing down on the valley fold, so that it creates an inverted type of triangle, so that it tucks under the central diamond square. Repeat on right side of card..
Cut 2 more pieces from the same green cardstock (2.5" x 5" ea) and adhered them to the backs of the flaps.

Card closed is 5" square

Painted a stencil (Tim's "Stripes") using Distress Mini pads ("Mustard Seed", "Spiced Marmalade", "Salty Ocean", Mowed Lawn"), misted the stencil heavily and then stamped/pressed down onto watercolor paper (any smooth type will do, but I used Arches 90# HP). Leave the stencil on the paper for a minute, pressing down with a paper towel to absorb the excess that oozes out of the open areas. Carefully lift stencil and dry the paper. Trim to fit in the selected areas.

Stamp the quote (Gratitude is the Heart's...) with Versafine Black Onyx and clear emboss.

Adhere some lace trim using a glue gun.

Apply 5" w Sookwang tape to a piece of white cardstock. Remove the release paper and cover with Ritz Glitter micro fine "Cool Highlights". Burnish well, return excess to container then wipe off with a damp paper towel . Stamp the "Thanks" with the black and clear emboss. NOTE: Careful Sookwang is not heat stable, so keep moving your heat gun to avoid hot spots.

I used Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils and moved the color around with a wet paintbrush, wiping the brush on a clean paper towel to avoid muddying the colors.  Allowed it to dry. Trimmed it down and adhered to square area of the front of my card.


  1. That is so awesome, I cant wait to play with mine!!!

  2. Wonderful Yogi! I had no idea you could stamp on to glitter.

  3. Beautiful card, Yogi, I'm studying the pattern and am wondering if you added to the 1" sides, with another almost square piece? And what are the dimensions of the card when it's closed? Inquiring minds want to know! :) Mickey Drake
    ( )

    1. Hi Mickey, The card closed is 5" square. As I mentioned above, I cut 2 pieces 2.5" x 5" to adhere to the 1" flaps on either side. Have a great day

  4. Beauty of a card, Yogi! I just bought some stencils...thanks for the tip!

    Your friend will really like this card. :)

  5. Great card Yogi! A few very cool techniques too. Love how vibrant it is.

  6. Love the beautiful colours and techniques in this great card!

  7. This is the colors that you picked for it!


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