Thursday, August 21, 2014

Expect the Unexpected!

I love the Quietfire Design Team!  They never fail to impress me, not only with the variety of their designs but sometimes by using Quietfire stamps in ways I never would have imagined.....

Flourishing Inside - Hearts

Such as using the Flourishing Inside - Hearts as flowers and leaves!  Wanda started this back in 2010 with a whole series which includes a box top and a series of cards.

Artwork by Wanda Hentges. See the details here.

Artwork by Wanda Hentges.  See the details on her blog here, here and here.

Holly had the same idea, but done a little differently!

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.  See the details here.
Gingko Leaves

You'll remember recently Holly took the Gingko Leaves stamp and converted it into a flower.

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.  See the details here.

And here she has taken Flourishes 1 and it has become the stem of a flower!

Flourishes 1

Artwork by Holly Eastabrook.  See the details here.

Robyn used the Ornamental Heart from Valentine's Day/Love to create a lovely flower.
Valentine's Day/Love set

Artwork by Robyn Josephs.  See the details here.

Flourished Noel set

And here she cleverly used our Ornamental Christmas Tree from the Flourished Noel set to create a star.

Artwork by Robyn Josephs.  See details here.
And then you can always turn it a stamp into a sweet teeny tiny charm as Yogi did here! Some of the quote is on the charm and the rest is inside the card full size.
Artwork by Yogi Grunwald. See the details here.

Friendship Quote Marks

Have we got your creative juices flowing?  Hope so!
Thanks for visiting! Suzanne


Heather said...

These are all very pretty, Great cards.

I'm a Little Teapot said...

They are all fabulous and very creative projects!

Dorina D said...

Very creative and unique projects with such clever uses of stamps you already have. Beautiful work by alol

Charity Chamberlain said...

WOW! I love all these examples of how you can use stamps in so many different ways. They are all super creative and beautiful!

Yvonne said...

wow...that´s what I call awesome inspiration!

Unknown said...

LOVE all the inspiration here!

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