Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Something Wonderful – Stamped and Stenciled Postcards

By Judi Kauffman for Quietfire Design
Thank you for inviting me back as today’s Guest Designer. One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 was to make and send more postcards. It’s now early March and I’ve kept it going, usually at least half a dozen per week, but often more!

This batch is super simple. A bit of stamping and some sponged-on color for the first 3, shown in the photos above (these are on heavyweight ivory cardstock), and 3 more, shown in the photo below (this time on blue flannel finish cardstock).

Five more, shown below, incorporate the same stamp, tan flannel finish cardstock, plus a stencil and a bit more sponged-on color. A useful hint: Make several of each as I did – no reason to clean a stencil after only one or two!  (click on each photo to see it nice and large!)



1. Pick your favorite sentiment, greeting, or quote from the Quietfire Design collection. Using a dark ink, stamp it, centered, on a piece of cardstock. (Shown: Reddish brown, black, and bright green.)

2. Use the photos for inspiration. Stamp over and around the stamped message OR stencil over and around the stamping. Using a light touch and very little ink, sponge on more color, highlighting the stenciled design and some or all of the words. Another option: Use a torn paper mask.


3. Sponge more ink around the edges of each postcard.

4. Option: Stamp and stencil on the other side, making sure to leave an open space for the recipient’s name and address and a hand-written message.



Quietfire Design rubber stamps:
Always Believe (or any sentiment, greeting, or quote)
Crackle Background
A Way With Stencils:
Butterfly Kaleidoscope
Butterflies & Stars

Other Supplies:
Cosmetic sponge wedge or stencil brush
Craft sponge
Dye-based inks in colors of choice
Cardstock in colors of choice

{Thank you very much for sharing these ideas with us, Judi.  Love how you've used the same stencil twice on the same postcard!}


Jean said...

What a fun idea! Love these Judi!!

Jutta said...

These are delightful! Do you waterproof them?

KimberlyO said...

These are gorgeous!

Judi K said...

Thank you all! Jutta, I do laminate my bookmarks about 20% of the time to add durability, esecially when I'm making them for gifts, but I never mind if my bookmarks get a little bedraggled because it's so easy to make more. In fact, at any given point I usually have a few dozen bookmarks ready and waiting so I can give them to visitors or include them in birthday cards.

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