Thursday, February 21, 2013

May Arts Ribbons at Quietfire!

This is the booth at the 2012 CHA conference

I fell in love with this creation.
I don't know who did it, but I really wanted to take it home with me!!

Every year at CHA, I gravitate towards the May Arts booth.  The colours and textures send me over the moon.  I took quite a few pictures of their booth last year, but this year, I took the plunge and placed an order with them.  I was pretty conservative.  It's a bit overwhelming! 

I blame this all on Becca Feeken!  She started my serious romance with ribbon on my card creations.  Okay, I had a little infatuation with it before.....

It would be no problem at all to spend many hours here admiring the ribbon.  As it was I dragged my poor sales person around and around.  I tried to be decisive.  Really. 

 Here are two ribbons that I purchased.  Unfortunately the blue one was out of stock, but should be here around the end of March. You may see the Quietfire "collection" in the rename category Ribbons and Textiles. Don't forget we have the Becca Bow Maker in stock. 

Here is this year's booth.  Yup, it's like a magnet to me!
 May Arts has a wonderful blog which is well worth subscribing to!
Hope you enjoy our selection of ribbons!  Happy creating, Suzanne


Unknown said...

Wow!! A ribbon lover could go nuts trying to decide what NOT to buy! I can't say I am a ribon fanatic but do like to have some nice ones on hand. tfs

Ms Linda said...

Ribbon, ribbon, ribbon, which one should I use for this project? OMG wha an array of color, keep me away from enjoying them all.

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