Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Fill Your Paper Project

Happy Thursday!  It's Suzanne here today with a sweet and simple project from our guest designer Ramona Weyde-Ferch in 2008. The materials are simple, but create a cheerful embellishment for your desk - not to mention inspire your art journaling!  Make a seasonal decorated cup for a small person and fill it with crayons.  The possibilities are endless!

A Tin for Your Tools
©2008 Ramona Weyde-Ferch


  1. Measure the tin in height and in circumference and cut the strip of background paper.
  2. Glue it around the tin. The stamped paper will be slightly smaller in height. I didn't cut it but tore it along a ruler to get an uneven border.
  3. Sponge the paper with the lightest of your 3 colours (I recommend using only shades of one colour. No extreme contrasts). In my case I sponged the paper with StazOn Mustard, on some places of the paper more, on some parts less.
  4. Stamp some larger flourishes on the paper with the lightest colour, too.
  5. Next step is to stamp some flourishes with the next colour (in my case memories brown). Make sure to leave some space for the quote.
  6. If you are done with the background, take the darkest of your inkpads (I had memories black) and stamp the quote on the space you left for it.
  7. Now glue the stamped paper around the already prepared tin and when dry, embellish like you want. I just glued a picture of a blue butterfly on the tin. The butterfly gives a great eyecatcher and the blue is a nice contrast to the monochromatic flair of the tin.
  8. Now you can start to put your favourite art tools in your new holder. Enjoy!


Yogi said...

always nice to pretty up our art/tool containers. Have a great day

Ramona said...

Aww. How cool to see that popping up!

Jutta said...

Re-used tin into great looking storage, love it! TFS

Charity Chamberlain said...

Terrific idea! I really love the sentiment on it!

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