Monday, May 2, 2016

You Are Amazing Gift Box - Connie Powell, Guest Designer


Connie had a wonderful time thinking outside the box for this project!  She has created a gift box filled with a beautifully scented potpourri and topped it off with a You Are Amazing tag.  Guaranteed to delight the lucky recipient!

You Are Amazing


Box base:
  1. Score a 12 x 12" sheet of cardstock at 4" on all sides. This will leave a total of 9 scored boxes on your 12x12 paper.
  2. Lay paper flat and at the corner boxes, cut each corner box in half diagonally to create a paper that has an octagon shape as your end result.
  3. Gather to make a box and glue.
Box lid:
  1. Cut piece of card stock measuring 5 7/8" x 5 7/8".
  2. Score at 7/8" on all 4 sides.
  3. Cut up to score line on one side each to start forming the lid and adhere to make lid. Only cut 4 times so pieces can overlap.
Decorating the box:
Use spray adhesive to attach lacey fabric to the box and trim the edges. Use an acrylic stamp block to press the fabric lace onto the cream card stock so your hands don't get sticky. Hot glue the string of pearls around the box and tied it into a bow. That was tricky, so make a bow first then glue it on. :)

Decorating the Lid:
Adhere lace around the edges using the same spray adhesive and application as the fabric lace on the box.

Tear pieces of Paper Egg Cartons (pre-colored) and hot glue to form flowers. Dust with a white ink stamp pad for some color affect.
Top off the box by stamping the beautiful sentiment "You are Amazing" on heart shaped cardstock and nestling it within the flowers.

This is dedicated to all my wonderful Facebook Friends, Family and Quietfire Designers who gave me this opportunity to be guest Designer, who inspire me, compliment me and are just Amazing People!! Thank you Everyone, "You Are Amazing!"


  1. very pretty. that was a bit of work. Have a great day

  2. You sure make egg cartons look elegant! Thanks for the project!!

  3. Hi Connie
    What a beautiful project you have created! Thank you for sharing your genius idea re the egg cartons :-)


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