Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Framed - No Act of Kindness, However Small, Is Ever Wasted

Hello!!  It's Wanda here today to share a home decor piece using an up-cycled frame and the wonderful Quietfire Design stamp, No Act of Kindness.  I've not done too much to this project but am letting the quote completely be the focus.

I don't remember just where I got this frame.  It could have been an auction, thrift store, garage sale, or even an antique store.  There are actually 2 frames but I'm just using one today.  They both have a thick piece of board that fit in from the back and the back of the board is covered in felt.  There were little stickers on the back that said "Made in Italy".  Cool, huh.

I, of course, needed to create a background :-)  I chose to use Ranger Alcohol Inks and White Yupo Paper.  I applied 3 colors of ink to the paper using felt and then also sprinkled on some extra drops of ink.

I had a piece of plastic wrap waiting, lightly sprayed my inked paper with 90% rubbing alcohol and immediately put the plastic wrap over the paper being sure to create lots of wrinkles.  

Here you see the three colors I used - Peach Bellini, Lemonade, and Pink Sherbet.  These are all Lights as I wanted a muted background.

The hard part is waiting for the inks to dry completely before removing the plastic wrap.  A beautiful background that looks like it has lots of texture.

A stamp platform works great allowing you stamp a few times for a nice dark image over the inks.  I used Ranger's Archival Ink Jet Black for stamping.  Once stamped and dried I set the frame over the paper, used a clear ruler with grid lines to make sure the quote was straight in the frame, used a pencil to trace the shape and cut the paper. 

I could have left the frame as is, it did look good, but decided to alter it.  I brushed on white paint (PaperArtsy Fresco Finish Chalk Paint, color Snowflake), allowed it to dry a bit and wiped it back using a baby wipe.

The picture at the top of this post is taken in a light tent against white.  Here is a picture with it sitting on black cardstock taken in the tent.

I thought I'd take it around the house and try a few walls.  I couldn't get the wall color to look right in this picture.  The paint is called Mesa Sand (Valspar) and has a more of a light earthy orange tint to it.

This wall is a warm white with a red glaze over it.

And here's what it would like added to a grouping in that room.

And here it is on an orange wall.  

I haven't decided just where it will go.  What do you think?

I hope you've enjoyed today's easy project!!!  Have a good week!!

Hugs, Wanda


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