Monday, October 29, 2018

"There are always flowers"

Hello Crafty Friends.

You know when you have a rough day and nothing seems to be going well?  This rough day may spread to two days, a week, whatever.  Your car may break down one day, the next day your washer breaks and spills out an entire load of water on your floor and this pattern may continue to the next day.  (That happened to me...what a week!)   It may wear on you and possibly put you in a not-so-happy state of mind.  It happens to everyone.  Gasp!  Spoiler alert:  Life isn't always sunshine and lollipops.  Next time this happens to a friend or loved one- or even you- head into the craft room, pull out the Floral Banner & Quote set, and make a card.  This thoughtfulness can mean so much to the person having a bad time.  Imagine if you received a card made using this stamp set.  Wouldn't that make you feel a little better?  Perhaps this beautiful stamp can bring sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day.
Floral Banner & Quote, Set of 2 Stamps - Mounted
For my card I made sure that the quote was the focal point of the front.  I chose darker patterned papers and card stock to ensure that the quote popped.
The gorgeous calligraphy quote is so very lovely and inspiring.  It is a wonderful stamp set to have on hand.  And don't forget to make a card or little sign for you, too.  Your future self may thank you.
Thank you for stopping by!
Have a happy, crafty day.
Big Hugs,
Kathy Jo

1 comment:

Mary O.K. said...

Kathy Jo, this is spectacular. Despite the stunning mixture of colors and patterns, you really were able to keep that memorable quote the main focal point of the card. Very, very nice.

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