Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Some people, like flowers

Morning!  Today I wanted to share with you how you can be flexible with a particular set of cards.  I've been on a spring kick lately - making lots of flowers. So naturally I gravitated towards a quote that had flowers in it.  Garden Delights is a large set of stamps and my favorite one from there is "Some people, like flowers, give pleasure just by being." What a nice way to let someone know you appreciate just who they are.

I centered the quote on a white card base.  I then framed it with the Spellbinders Tiara Rondelle die.  The die is a bit bigger than my card so I trimmed off the excess on the bottom.

I added the 3D roses by Altenew.  Here you can change the color scheme as you would like as well as the number of flowers in your floral spray.

(Hmm... I should have shown you that instead of the Tiara die you can use any frame die for this - even a rectangle or square one.)

My last example is a leftover sticker I picked up at Michaels for a scrapbooking project.  Don't limit yourself!

Garden Delights, set of 8 stamps - Mounted

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