Monday, December 9, 2019

May the holiday spirit find a home in your heart- Gilded Christmas!

Hi Y'all!
Robyn here welcoming you to
 The Gilded Christmas on the Quietfire Creations blog!  
Gilding inspiration galore
with you chiming in and at the end of the week we’ll have a giveaway!  
We’ll be featuring the new Modern Gilding Powders throughout the week because we love them so much! 

You’ll need to comment on all the blog posts 
from now till next weekend (December 14, 2019), 
then we’ll choose a winner from those who commented.  
The prize is a complete set of Modern Gilding Powders*!  
I’ve put the Gilding Powders (and accessories!) on sale for the week. 
If you happen to be the winner and you already have the Gilding Powders, you’ll receive a Quietfire Gift Certificate!
Sparkle plenty for the holidays!
A friend started a postcard exchange, so I'm going non traditional this year.
(and less postage!)
I've been experimenting with the Modern Gilding powders, and for the center of the snowflakes added red superfine glitter!
The house was gilded with a mix of gold and copper.
The stamps and powders are super fine, so I recommend using Versafine inks to maintain the fine lines of the calligraphy when gilding.
Please share your creations with us at
and be sure to comment for prizes!


Be sure to Comment! and questions always warmly welcomed.


Jean said...

Such beautiful sparkle!

Sheree said...

Love seeing non traditional colours for Christmas!! Very pretty!!

Julie said...

Lots of sparkle for the holiday season. very pretty. Love the non traditional colors.

sharon g said...

I like how you used gold AND silver. So pretty.

Sue D said...

Very pretty with all the snowflakes and the cute little house.

Maureen E said...

Love the combination of these stamps and the gilding powders. Very nice!

cghundley said...

Very pretty with
the embossed snowflakes.
Carla from Utah

Sandy said...

Love the color of the house with gold and copper. So pretty!

Denise Bryant said...

Love the snowflakes and beautiful sentiment! Gorgeous card!

Robinsismai said...

I really love the tiny pop of red in the center of the snowflakes!! so beautiful

Stacey Kowbel said...

Beautiful card! I love the gold and silver on the pink!

wendy said...

Interesting to see the two colours combined.

Judy Frank said...

Love the colours and effect! So pretty!

Judy Frank said...

Love the colours and effect! So pretty!

Roni JJ said...

What a great idea..postcards for Christmas. Your postcard is lovely...I have a thing for snowflakes so this appeals to me. Beautiful creation :)

ann barnes said...

This looks wonderful, using the different powders on one card truly adds to the beauty! I love this idea

Laurie2cats said...

Beautiful card, I love the glittery patterned background

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