Saturday, March 24, 2018

Baked Texture Embossing Powders and A Way With Words

Have you seen the new Baked Texture Embossing Powders from Seth Apter and Emerald Creek?  I shared a Facebook Live video from Creativation about them and now I'm sharing a new Facebook Live video of my first time playing with them!  I had so much fun!

These embossing powders are mixtures of "things" - blended powders and chunks that create wonderful surfaces! I wanted to try each of the seven powders to see which would work best on this project.

I've also added the Facebook Live recording to YouTube where you can find it easily.  If you are receiving this blog update by email, click on the photo to view the video on YouTube.

Here are some closeups of the experiments.  Some things don't show their full beauty because the A Way With Words diecuts are quite fine, but the darker blends would make a fabulously rich backgrounds (more play required!).

Here are some of my experiments.  Hopefully you can see some of the texture in the photos!  There is lots of fun to be had with these.  They're available from Emerald Creek and Seth Apter and probably lots of other places soon!  Have fun!

Deep Sea

Ancient Amber

Patina Oxide

Rocky Road

Dirty Sand

Vintage Beeswax

Chunky Rust on black cardstock
Burnt Copper Leaves - not a Baked Texture, but is totally awesome!

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