Friday, March 16, 2018

Tangling with Joy

Many of you who visited the Quietfire booth in Edmonton will know my friend Susan! I met Susan when we both lived in Surrey, BC and our friendship has lasted through many years and moves.  She was one of my calligraphy students and she's a very determined lefty calligrapher.  Although she's not doing as much lettering as she used to, she still loves picking up pen and paper.  In the last year or so she's been Tangling.  When we visited at Christmas, she showed me her sketchbook filled with tangles and Zentagles.  It was amazing!

Joy- Fill 'er Up Stamp

So.  Fill 'er Up stamps from Quietfire + Zentagle Inspired Art in Susan's hands and we get this awesome artwork!

Susan stamped with Imagine Crafts StazOn ink then used a Sakura Pigma Pen to do the tangling.  She says she has been inspired by the books Totally Tangled by Sandy Seen Bartholomew and One Tangle a Day by Beckah Krahula.  She has also been inspired at - I get almost daily emails from them and find it overwhelming (because I want to do it, but will need to clone myself first)!  But it's a great place for inspiration.

Here are all the Fill 'er Up stamps for you to tangle in.  So far, there are eleven letters!

Fill 'er Up Caps

Here are some more from Susan's play time! Doesn't it just make you want to get out your pen and paper?
Happy creating and a big thanks to Susan for sharing!  (She had no idea these were going to become a blog post!)

3 comments: said...

What would be the best supplies to use?? I am also left handed and don’t want things to smudge. Thanks, Dana. I love your work but I’m a beginner!!

Art By Wanda said...

These are fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

Quietfire said...

Hi Dana! Are you asking about calligraphy beginner supplies?

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