Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Thank you cards with Alcohol Ink backgrounds

Hello!  Today I'm sharing a set of notecards I made for my son to use as Thank You cards.  I'm running late so they needed to be really quick and easy.  But since I'm not big on mass producing, I needed a bit of variety to them.  Yay for Quietfire dies!  Did you know that there are 3 different "Thank you/Thanks" word dies available?  You would think you only need one but I find that having them in different sizes and arrangement really helps.

First, I finally jumped on the alcohol ink background so I had a bunch of them laying around.  Most were on the 5"x7" Yupo paper so I simply cut them in half and adhered them to a white card base.  And then I got a little more creative with cuts.

After deciding on the shape of the background layer, I die cut all of the different "thanks" type of die cuts to see which one would look best with the different layouts.  I came up with these 4 different cards:

For the first card, I simply die cut the new Thank you 3 metal die and placed in on the bottom of the triangle.  I did add a layer of Crystal Effects on the die to add just a bit of depth to the die cut.

For the second card, an older Thanks die went perfectly in the angled background.

For the third card, I embossed in silver and split the background along the diagonal.  

The last one is simply an oval with a bit of washi tape along the bottom. I'm really glad I had all these different dies that said essentially the same thing because it made the different layouts I had come together easily.  Which was your favorite? 

Thank You 2 - Metal Cutting Die

Thanks - Metal Cutting Die

thank you - Metal Cutting Dies


CraftyJo said...

Hard to choose a favourite! I do like the angled one though for something a bit more unusual :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what planet I’ve been on, but I didn’t realize Suzanne had created THREE variations of “thank you!” I only have one and use it constantly. Guess I’d better give the other two a good home, too.

I’m not an alcohol ink person, but admire their use. Yours are magnificent! Love the blues/purples together— very night sky looking. I think I’d have to choose the oval as my favorite, although I changed my mind three times before deciding. Any one of them would be a joy to receive.

And one final note from one mom to another— I had to smile that your son needed some thank you cards. A child (no matter how old) who sends written thank you notes is to be treasured! Well done, Mom!

Diana Nguyen said...

I like that one too!

Diana Nguyen said...

Yes, get those other two! :)
Thanks for the mom encouragement! You know we could always use those. (My son just turned 14 - let's see if the lesson sticks!) I wasn't an alcohol ink person myself but these backgrounds are crazy quick - wish Yupo was cheaper though.

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