Thursday, August 2, 2018

How Lovely is the Silence of Growing Things Scrapbook Layout

Hello, Connie Nichol here today with a scrapbook layout featuring one of my favourite Quietfire Design stamps.  This is such a great stamp to accent gardening and flower photos, but also good for layouts of growing children.

connie nichol, quietfire design, how lovely is the silence, growing things

The photo is of me when I was a little girl, circa 1964.  It was scanned from a 35 mm slide, and then I printed it as an enlargement.  For a single feature photograph like this, I like to keep the scrapbook layout simple and not distract the eye away from the photo.  Just take two pieces of coordinated pattern paper and cut them diagonally.  

Stamp the growing things in a matching ink and mount with foam adhesive to pop it up slightly from the page.

I also added a bit of a punched border and a few flowers but kept the layout quite simple to focus on the photo and the stamped quote.  Thanks for stopping by, Connie


Anonymous said...

I looked like that in 1964, too!

Adorable layout and a perfect stamp to go along. You sure were a little cutie!

Jean said...

Love seeing layouts!

Quietfire said...

OMG, that's so cute!

Connie Nichol said...

thank you so much Mary O-K. I apparently was also a very unsmiling little girl too, every photo I can find has a very serious expression.

Connie Nichol said...

thanks Jean, I love scrapbooking with the Quietfire stamps!

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