Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Hug Book

What is a Hug Book?  It's a book you receive from someone that seems to give you a little hug every time you open it!

Hug Book cover created by Teresa Horner.

I saw these blank books at CHA and was immediately drawn to the potential in them!  They're so easy to use! And what you put in them?  The sky is the limit.  And no bookbinding skills needed!
Click here to see the Hug Book on the website!
 We have them in two colours, black and tan (sounds like a few dachshunds we've parented....) and the page size is 4x6" landscape.  The cover is a wonderful smooth bookcloth.  There is nothing cheap-plasticy looking about them!  Not only can the pages contain "hugs", the book hugs the pages!  To load the book, you merely fold the covers back (it works like a big paper clip, in a way), insert your collection of artwork and return the covers to their normal position.

Here are some detail pictures. Just click on them to see larger photos of the Hug Book that's waiting for your love!

They're perfect for your coffee table or mantle - or fit in most purses!  So if you decide to make a Grandma's Brag Book, you've got it right there to share with your friends.

These books were really designed to hold photographs, but we see them holding pages filled with beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement. If you're a designer, you might use this as a mini portfolio. Use them as a wedding book, a baby book, an encouragement book, a cook book or as Teresa has used it - a graduation book.

You could send someone a Hug Book with a decorated colver and then send them pages to insert in their Hug Book on special occasions.

Over the next few weeks, the Quietfire Design Team will be creating sample pages to jump start your creativity as you make your own Hug Book.

Here are some tips for making your Hug Book!
  • Choose light weight cardstock.  You want to be able to separate the pages! If you do use heavy cardstock, it will help if you score your page along the "fold".  If you're able, make sure the grain of the paper runs parallel to the spine.  That will help the pages bend over the previous page.
  • Don't add to much dimension to your page.  I adore a book that yawns at the fore edge, but if you want the recipient to take it with them, try not to add too many items to the pages that are thick.  You especially don't want things to rip off the cover!
  • Cut your pages 6" wide by 4" tall. Leave 1/4" undecorated along the left edge of the page because that will be where all the pages are hugged together.
We hope you like our Hug Books!
Create without Limits!


Michele Emerson-Roberts said...

LOVE the idea of a "HUG" book! That all I have to do is decorate the cover and create the pages is even better......can't wait to see more of these.....made with the WONDERFUL Quiet Fire stamps and new dies.
Love and light,

Debbie in LA said...

I can hardly wait to make my own hug book for my mom. She lives a couple of states away and rarely sees my grandchildren. I will have a pic of the kids by families and then singly on the pages. This book is small enough she can carry all 24 pages in her handbag.

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