Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Autumn card with Alcohol Inks and Clear embossing

 I'm still playing with alcohol inks and I thought they would be a great way  to make a background.  But I tried something new by embossing it with the leaves from Leaves stamp set.  I then attempted to paint the leaves a slightly darker color than the background.

I then added a tag with a quote from the Autumn Collection and some hemp twine for texture.

I did notice that you have to be more careful embossing on Yupo - it'll warp like heated plastic!  I'd still like to figure out a way to keep the embossed lines nice and white too.  Any suggestions?

Autumn Collection, Set of 4 Stamps - Mounted

Leaves, Set of 6 - Mounted


  1. Well, I'm impressed you tamed the technique so well! Gorgeous and vibrant!

  2. lovely.
    You might try Alcohol Lift Ink and a Misti so you can repeat inking till satisfied.

  3. BEAUTIFUL sentiment and GORGEOUS background!
    ... I haven't used Yupo paper before but agree with Yogi about the MISTI and repeat stamping :)
    ... also, could heating a bit on the underside help minimise warping?

    1. I think that would help! A little more patience would probably be good too! Lol!

  4. This is simply lovely. The bright alcohol inks really catch the eye. I know absolutely nothing about Yupo, so I can’t really help there. However, for embossing a brighter white line, could you try using your MISTI and stamping with Versamark several times, each a bit offset from the previous? That would provide a little thicker of a defining edge to the leaf, which appear quite fine. Or use an embossing pen to outline the stamped image to thicken it?

    Anyway, don’t be critical of this masterpiece— it’s spectacular!


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