Friday, March 1, 2013


Hi Everyone! This is Holly bringing you another 'oldie but goodie' technique, hopefully inspiring you to give it a try.
I chose Where So Ever You Go , Butterflies / Dragonflies , and Flourishes 1 to creat the design elements on the transparency. I stamped them with Stazon Jet Black and was careful not to let the stamp slip while stamping on the transparency. You can see in the photo where I drew out and 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" rectangle on white paper to serve as a stamping guide. Once the ink dried, I flipped the stamped transparency over and put a piece of tape on either side to keep it in position.

Then I got the remaining supplies together- Diamond Glaze , Re-inkers , white tissue- slightly larger than the design area, glitter, and a craft stick for mixing.
I poured several puddles of Diamond Glaze onto the transparency, then put a drop of re-inker in each puddle. I mixed with the craft stick, then spread it out to the drawn lines that show through.

I sprinkled glitter here and there, then crumpled the tissue paper, slightly smoothed it out and laid it straight down onto the wet Diamond Glaze.
I pressed down the tissue until the entire surface was covered, making sure to keep some wrinkles in the tissue for texture. Then, I left it to dry for a couple hours.
*NOTE* It's important to prevent any Diamond Glaze from seeping under to the front side of the transparency. By keeping the working piece of transparency much larger than the design area, and keeping the Diamond Glaze in the design area, no Diamond Glaze gets under it.
You can see how much darker the project looks once it is dry. I removed the tape and trimmed the piece to fit my card front.

Texture detail created by the crumpled tissue paper.
Glitter detail.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and try this technique. It's a lot of fun!
Thanks for looking!


Joy H said...

I've never seen this technique before, great tutorial Holly!

krcmasterpiece said...

I've never seen it before either! VERY COOL!!!!
When my craft room gets back together-this is one of the first things I'm going to try.

Love how it turned out!

Janet L. said...

I haven't seen this one either and I love it!!

dragonswing said...

I have seen it before but have never done it. I even got some reinkers for the project, put them away in my craft room, and forgot where I put them!! Got to find them.

Yogi said...

this may be an oldie for you but it's new to me. I've used transparencies and alcohol inks, but never with diamond glaze and then glitter and then tissue paper. Interesting.

Have a great day

Francie in Montreal said...

Wow! The result is simply gorgeous. Very nicely done.

Robyn said...

I have seen it before- so what's my excuse? I was waiting for you to nudge me- and you did !
Can't wait to try this- thanks Holly!

Shirley said...


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