Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Let them eat Cupcakes

Robyn here feeling spring feverish! I am the March/April /May Birthday Card lady for my Women's Circle and I was inspired by Holly's Caught in Crystal technique and my continuing quest to use up what I have.

Pile of transparency-check
Diamond Glaze- check
StazOn Ink-check
Card stock-check
Quietfire Design Stamps-check
Happy Family Days
Let them eat Cupcakes

I found these pre cut card bases and they were crying out for a transparent inset.
My first try was less than successful from my judgmental point of view. I followed Holly's directions carefully(for me!) and had a hard time with the -just let it flow- part. I like control

StazOn- maybe my pad is dry- My attempts left the sentiment too hard to read when I stamped on the plastic, and my thermal emboss attempts were trash!

I progressed to stamping on the tissue, embossing and pooling the glaze and glitter onto the plastic, placing it where I wanted it to go by carefully holding it over the tissue and then pressing down.
Leave plenty of extra plastic so you can trim off any excess that gets messy with the glaze.

 I though this looked a bit plain and added the cupcakes as a border- wish I had a delete button on my card base!

Now I'm getting something I like- more control needed with the glitter. The tree is a new embossing folder by Darsie ( ditto the candles below) colored with Stardust pens. A wet brush moves the color around.

Best of the batch! 

I held back on adding something-buttons? ribbon? in the empty space.
What do you think?

Please leave a comment and post your own Caught in Crystal Adventures.


I'm a Little Teapot said...

I am not sure if the candle card needs anything. I really like the tree card. Great tree and the colors behind the happy birthday are eyecatchingly beautiful. :)

Yogi said...

very nice. a successful journey
Have a great day

Holly said...

I like these Robyn...all of them!
Great colours too.

Quietfire said...

I love those glowing Happy Birthday cards! These are wonderful!!!

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