Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The 9 Days of Christmas Winners!

Welcome to Quietfire Design's 9 Days of Christmas
Winner's List!
If you've been following along, you'll know we have a wonderful way to share these new stamps with you during this event.
Each designer has created one "quick and easy" card, one "a little more" card  and one "over the top" card.  I think you'll agree it was been fabulous seeing what each designer has done! Round of applause for the designers!  You can see all the creations together over on our Quietfire 9 Days of Christmas Pinterest Board.
Each day we asked you to leave a comment on that day's blog post to be eligible for randomly drawn prizes.
Here are our winners!  Please send me a private email (to with your snailmail address.  If you do not contact me in 3 days, your prize will go to someone else.  Sorry!
Day 1, Yogi:


Day 2, Holly:

Day 3, Debbie:


Day 4, Robyn:


Day 5, Suzanne:


Day 6, Terre:

Day 7, Teresa:

Day 8, Wanda:


Day 9, Sherry:


Thank you so much for joining us! 
Please watch for our upcoming blog hop with Dreamweaver Stencils, when we'll have more opportunities to win.
Happy creating, Suzanne


Kathy Eddy said...

What a lovely surprise to wake and find I was a lucky winner! Thanks so much for all the fun and great eye candy shared here! Can't wait for the next one!

Anne said...

Congratulations to the winners! I found that I was a 'winner' too in one sense because of the wonderful inspiration from the DT. Just being able to see how I can progress with each card has been very instructive. I've had a great time!

Froggietalks said...

Wow, I won.. surprised, but thankful. The DT did such a good job, I am seriously re-thinking of making my family and friends (non crafty) all over again.

Francie in Montreal said...

Congratulations to the winners! I second Anne's comments that we're all winners in the sense that you've shared your fabulous talent and inspiration with us. Thank you!

wendy said...

I enjoyed looking at all the cards, but as a sometime card maker most of the "quick and easy" cards required expensive items I don't have. What about a challenge for your designers to make a card that doesn't use any die cutting machine or embosser. Stamps, ink, ribbon and a trimmer! I am sure I am not alone in not wanting to spend $100 or more for a machine. If they made second cards that used one, then it could help with the decision making.

stamper said...

So excited to see my name as a winner!! Thank you for such a great blog hop and all the fabulous inspiration!!

Shirley said...

Congratulations to all winners and thank you very much because you've all been an inspiration to me!

Jutta said...

So happy to have won! Thank you all for the wonderful inspiration and the great prize too!
Have a good day! Jutta

Quietfire said...

Hi Wendy!
At least 4 of us didn’t use dies for our simple cards (okay, I used a punch that you can get for 40% off at Michaels!). Most of the designers were stressed out with the simple card! It didn’t seem finished to them.

I think what you’re seeing here is a fundamental difference between calligraphers and stampers. I’ve taught both in the same classes and where calligraphers will spend hours torturing themselves over layout, design and execution of a 2 dimensional design, a stamper will spend hours choosing elements or techniques and assembling them in a pleasing way. I have worked both sides of that fence and I understand.

I am extremely lucky to work with such talented and professional designers and I am so proud that they did such a great job with this challenge because it was not easy for them!

You can look at it this way: they are quick and easy cards because they had their die cutting machines. You could consider it big bang for your buck!

Perhaps you’ll enjoy the Dreamweaver blog hop more. I’m sure you’ll see fewer die cuts – but a lot more stencils!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners!!! I can't say I'm not just a LITTLE envious! :)

Mickey Drake

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