Sunday, July 5, 2015

Butterfly Edge Card

Happy Monday everyone!  It's Suzanne here with a project that's just about as simple as it gets.... As long as you're into digital cutting!

This card is cut from 140# Arches Hot Press Watercolour paper using my Silhouette butterfly edge card available on the Silhouette Online Store .  My original plan was to use watercolour just over the butterflies, but to do a decent job of it seemed beyond my ability that particular day.  My Dad used is say there was nothing that couldn't be fixed.  Well, in this case I would agree!               

Being in a need of some retail therapy, I recently ordered the set of 24 colours of Brushos* (from Amazon, if you're interested) and here was an opportunity to test drive them.  Brushos are powdered dyes (I assume) that are brilliantly coloured.  You can simply wet down a surface, sprinkle different colours onto the wet surface and the final look is a lot like a watercolour wet in wet technique.  The only problem is knowing when to stop!

Okay, that's it.  Let it dry. 
So, in case you missed it.... Step 1: Cut.  Step 2: Colour 
And away you go! You might stamp a sentiment on it, tie on a bow, add some bling.  But for me, it's done!
Thanks for stopping in and having a look.  Happy creating! Suzanne

*Ken Oliver has a similar product called Color Burst that comes in 6 colours.


Anne said...

Oh my! How wonderfully gorgeous! I don't have a digital cutting device, but what a beautiful card to behold! Thanks for sharing it!

Yogi said...

beautiful. That BFly edge is fabulous. I'm die-ing for a word on there... Have a great day

KVencel said...

This card is really lovely! The softness of the colors seems well-suited to the butterflies. And the butterfly edging is sweet!

Dorina D said...

Stunning colors and just fabulous.

Diana Nguyen said...

LOVE this!!! I'm die-ing for it to be a die... :)

Connie Nichol said...

love this!!! Great ideas and inspiration!!

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