Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wishes and Dreams Waterfall Album

It's Suzanne here and I'm just slipping in between the inspiring art posts to share something I've had, but finally got on the website tonight.

When I was at CHA in January, I happened by the Prima Booth at the same time Leeza Gibbons was there.  Let me tell you, she is just stunning in real life!  I apologize to her for the less than flattering photo.  I was so surprised to see her that I snapped a photo and left thinking that I shouldn't be there....

Leeza was there to promote her new scrapbook line called Wishes and Dreams.  At the time, I didn't slow down to study it, but when I got home, I saw this album and fell in love with the idea.  So I have a few in stock and I was afraid they would get lost if I didn't share them with you here! 

These albums are quite large measuring 12.5 x 9" are made of chipboard and contain 14 chipboard sheets, 6 cardstock pocket pages, 2 photo sleeves and have 22 pages per album.

And no, I have not started to work on mine yet!
Thanks for stopping by!

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Mickie said...

WOW, I LIKE that!

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