Monday, May 8, 2017

Your friendship means so much

I think one of my most favorite stamps to have on hand and to make up is a card for a friend. Quietfire Design has so many gorgeous ones and sometimes it's really hard to pick a favorite but todays card is really special.

I love this stamp because it has the most gorgeous swirls and curls and really does the sentiment justice.  I chose a soft palette of aqua and pale ivory cardstock to make my card and layered it using a Becca Feeken die that i had in my stash.  To add a little more depth i inked the die with a little bit of aqua ink to make parts in the designs pop more and slightly offset it when i glued it together to frame it.  This gave it a gentle framing around the center and didn't make the ivory so bright.  It just blends more.

And here is a quick closeup of the sentiment... isn't it gorgeous!  And here is the stamp in case you need to place a quick order! 

Supply List:

Aqua and ivory cardstock
Cascading Grace Die by Becca Feeken
Ivory seam tape ribbon
Studio G ink in dark aqua
Paper trimmer, scissors, adhesives

Have a really fun and creative week and see you back soon!!


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