Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lovey Stuff Digital Cutting Files!

Hi artlets!  It's just Suzanne squeezing in between the talent to share the Lovey Dovey collection of digital cutting files.  I'm nearing a milestone of 400 designs on the Silhouette Online Store. It sort of crept up on me!

I've collected up what I think are most of the Love and Valentine's Day designs.  In the right colours, some of them might even do for a wedding.

I also wanted to share an extra photo of the Heart Treat Purse.  (Silhouette initially rejected the design because I added the photo of the inside to the thumbnail....)  So now you know how it opens and where the extra pieces go! Here is the purse

And here is the inside. I used a little magnet closure - it works really well!

 Here are a whole bunch of cutting files, some just went up yesterday afternoon, but they're all available. AND they're on sale right now. (But I don't know for how long.)

Happy cutting!
Thanks for stopping by!


Robyn said...

so many files, so little time!!!!

Yogi said...

cute. That's a good list. Have a great day

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